Bob Webster

Precinct: 1
Occupation: Co-owner Shades of Green Nursery, Garden Show Host-KTSA Radio, Rancher

Bob is a long-time Kendall County resident and rancher. A research biologist by training, he holds a Bachelor of Science Degree from SMU and has significant experience in various types of field work. Hobbies include fishing, hiking, and back country camping as well as organic gardening.

Bob has had an abiding interest in groundwater, both quantity and quality, for many years, having relied on a relatively shallow well as his primary water source. Prior to being appointed to the Board of Directors in 2013, Bob was an active participant at meetings, workshops and with the Education Committee for many years. He was subsequently re-elected to the position in May of 2014.

He believes strongly in protecting the groundwater of Kendall County for the benefit of all residents, both rural and urban, and thinks one of the biggest challenges of the District lies in educating people concerning the source of our water and the nature of our aquifers, as well as the conservation of this precious resource through appropriate landscaping and water use habits.