Allan P. Bloxsom III

Precinct: 3

Occupation: Oil & gas Operator and Drilling Contractor

Mr. Bloxsom is a Native Houstonian, who has lived in rural Kendall County for the last eleven years. Mr. Bloxsom owns a ranch along the Nueces River in Uvalde County.  He serves on the board of the Nueces River Authority Board of Directors and has a good understanding of water rights as well as geology.

His interest in water grew as a rancher living in a semi-arid environment of which ground water was the life blood for himself and his neighbors. Mr. Bloxsom was instrumental in leading the fight  to pass Senate Bill 155  Senate Bill 155 bans motorized vehicles from entering any Texas Rivers.  This has led to increased quality of water, protection of wild life, and aquatic habitat.

Mr. Bloxsom ran for the At -Large position of the Cow Creek Ground Conservation District this year because of the need to insure that our limited water supply is not abused or squandered. Mr. Bloxsom understands water is not an infinite resource.

Mr. Bloxsom wants to do what he can to insure that big water interests do not infringe on our local and State agencies, or laws, for their own selfish and commercial interest.