January 29, 2018 – GMA9 – Agenda

Groundwater Management Area 9 Joint Planning Committee Meeting




As required by Section 36.108(e), Texas Water Code, a meeting of the Groundwater Management Area 9 Joint Planning Committee, comprised of district representatives from the following groundwater conservation districts located wholly or partially within Groundwater Management Area 9: Bandera County River Authority and Groundwater District. Barton Springs/Edwards Aquifer Conservation District, Blanco-Pedemales Groundwater Conservation District, Comal Trinity Groundwater Conservation District, Cow Creek Groundwater Conservation District, Headwaters Groundwater Conservation District, Hays-Trinity

Groundwater Conservation District, Medina County Groundwater Conservation District, Trinity­ Glen Rose Groundwater Conservation District, and Southwest Travis County Groundwater Conservation District, will be held on Monday, January 29, 2018, at 10:00 am at the Bulverde Spring Branch Library, 131 Bulverde Crossing, Bulverde, Texas.


Discussion and/or possible action may occur on the following business matters:


  1. Call to Order.
  2. Receipt of Posted Meeting Notices.
  3. Introductions.
  4. Approval of March 27, 2017 GMA 9 Meeting Minutes.
  5. Texas Water Development Board updates, comments, or communications.
  6. Report on progress of “common rules” analysis by GMA 9 ad hoc subcommittee.
  7. Annual Review of some or all individual GCD Management Plans and the accomplishments of GMA 9 in accordance with Chapter 108(c). NOTE: any GCD who needs to meet Chapter 36. l 08(c) requirements may present a short summary of its Management Plan and how it complies with Chapter 36. l 08(c). You are encouraged to conduct individual reviews of each GCD Management Plans prior to the meeting. GMA 9 GCD Management Plans can be found at this website:


Use the index to locate each GCD. Open the desired GCD site and click on the link to the most recent Management Plan to access a PDF copy of their current Plan. The following are the GCDs located within GMA 9

  • Bandera County River Authority and Ground Water District
  • Barton Springs/Edwards Aquifer Conservation District
  • Blanco-Pedemales Groundwater Conservation District
  • Comal Trinity Groundwater Conservation District
  • Cow Creek Groundwater Conservation District
  • Hays Trinity Groundwater Conservation District
  • Headwaters Groundwater Conservation District
  • Medina County Groundwater Conservation District
  • Trinity-Glen Rose Groundwater Conservation District
  • Southwest Travis County Groundwater Conservation District (newly created …no Management Plan at this time)

8. Report and discussion on Bexar County wells exempted by Trinity-Glen Rose Groundwater Conservation District’s enabling legislation and possible relevance to GMA 9 DFCs, MAGS, and local hydrogeological conditions.

9. Texas Water Development Board updates, comments, or communications.

10. Public Comment.

11. Next meeting date, location, and future agenda items.

12. Announcements.

13. Adjournment.

Further information, questions, or comments concerning any aspect of this meeting should be directed to:

Mr. Ron Fieseler, GMA 9 Planning Committee Chairman c/o Blanco-Pedenales Groundwater Conservation District 601 West Main, P.O. Box 1516, Johnson City, TX 78636 (830) 868-9196 office, (830) 708-5020 cell, email to: manager@blancogw.org

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