Yours, Mine and Ours.


Simulation of Streamflow and Estimation of Ground-Water Recharge in the Upper Cibolo Creek Watershed, South-Central Texas, 1992–2004

Report 353

Groundwater Availability of the Trinity Aquifer, Hill Country Area, Texas: Numerical Simulations through 2050

Report 339

Evaluation of Groundwater Resources of the Paleozoic and Cretaceous Aquifers in The Hill Country of Central texas

Report 273

Groundwater Availability of the Lower Cretaceous Formation in The Hill Country South-Central Texas

Report 60

Ground-Water Resources of South Central Texas

Report of

Eastern Kerr County Western Kendall County Regional Water System Project - Geology Section

Report of

An Evaluation of the Trinity Aquifer within Kendall County and Analysis of the Trinity (Hill Country) GAM

Recharge Paper

Recharge Our Aquifers and How They Receive Replenishment
by Dr. Weldon Hammond

Lower Cretaceous Aquifer Description

Basic Geology of Aquifers of the Lower Cretaceous Trinity Group

Hydrologic Atlas No.3

Water Quality in the Edwards-Trinity (Plateau) Aquifer, Edwards Plateau and Trans-Pecos, Texas

Geologic History of South Central Texas

Geologic History as it Relates to Modern Vegetation Patterns of South Central Texas


Operating Budget

Annual Report

State of the District - Annual Report to the Board for FY 2017 - 2018

Estimating Groundwater Availability in Texas

The New Groundwater Availability for Texas

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